MePo can't output AAC using LAV (1 Viewer)

Pablo Duda

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July 22, 2012
Brasília, Brazil
Brazil Brazil
Hi guys,

I am having some problems trying to play some of my MKV that uses AAC. Its quite strange as they used to play and suddenly stoped working. I was using MePo 1.3 and then installed 1.5 to see if that would correct the problem, but it didn't.
I use a radeon HD 5450 connected to my Denon AVR 1911. I can get all HD-audio to work, but not these 2.0 AAC. Using media player classic the sound works. PowerDVD works as well but not on MePo when I select powerDVD instead of LAV. The output tab of LAV filter shows Two channels with audio when playing the MKV but no audio output from my AVR.

Does anyone have a clue? I'm not near my HTPC setup today, but tomorrow I'll get a LOG to show you.


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