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  • August 15, 2011
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    Hi guys,

    Going through the views in my music collection I realised that there are so many categories under my Genre view that make it literraly unusable. This is due to metadata capturing one song as "Pop / Rock" and the next one as "Rock / Balad" etc you get the picture.

    The obvious thing to do and it shall be done is to clean up and allow for only one Genre category to be in the field such as "Rock" or "Pop" etc. but I got curious if it is possible to have multiple genres containing the same song. For example if there is a format in the Genre field in the metadata that allows for a song to be under "Pop" AND under "Rock" instead of a "Rock / Pop" category.




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    Simply separate them with a semicolon. e.g. Pop;Rock
    MP Tag Reader will then treat it as 2 different genres "Pop" AND "Rock" instead of a single genre "Pop / Rock".

    The same thing with the semi colons applies to all Text Tags. So you can tag a song with different artists e.g. Rihanna;Kayne West;Paul McCartney

    and the song will appear on Artist Searches for either the 3 of them.

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