Microsoft WMC remote or IMON Inside? (1 Viewer)


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July 29, 2005
I've been thinking in this two remote controls: "Microsoft WMC" or "IMON Inside" essentially to use with Media Portal but I also plan to use it with Windows Media Center just for try which is better.
Which remote control do you recommend me? I have read that IMON remote cause some lag or is not as precise using the PAD. The price is almost the same (about 60 euros here in Barcelona, Spain) but IMON offers lots of things like its own software and the possibility to open and shut down the PC with the remote control which is perhaps one of the coolest options that a HTPC can have.
Thanks a lot! This forum is great!


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November 7, 2005
I bought recently an Imon Pad remote and i can say that i'm quite happy with it. I didn't use a MCE remote so i can't say anything about it.
Imon comes with preconfigured profiles for diffrent aplication that you might use. There is on MP forum such a profile for if your choise is Imon you don't have to configure much to use it with MP.
In rest it responds very well and no problems here since i bought it...(3 months ago)

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