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  • October 22, 2010
    Scotland Scotland
    Hi all,

    Black & White 1080 V1.6.

    BUG 1:-
    I made a new Group (TV Channels) called EPG and selected it by pressing "i" on my remote to bring up the pop-up. From there I selected GROUP and was able to change to my new EPG group.
    I restarted MP to prove that it defaults automatically to my new group. Job done I thought.

    I wanted to change back again so from the guide I pressed "i" again, but got no pop-up.......?
    Within MP I went into SETTINGS, TV SET-UP, CHANNEL SORTING and selected GROUP pop-up.
    I then went back to the GUIDE and went onto any show currently playing and pressed "i", again no pop-up.
    Restarted MP and it's fine, sometimes it isn't, I have to play around with various menu's, restart MP and they come back.
    Seems like there's a bug whereby the mini-menu's/pop-ups stop working.

    BUG 2:-
    From the TV GUIDE if I cancel a recording then it stays red until I scroll the screen down/up and it redraws/refreshes.



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    Do you have the same problems with Blue3? To me both your problems sound like skin engine issues and not B&W issues.

    Any suspicious entries in you logs?


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  • October 22, 2010
    Scotland Scotland

    Will have a look later today.........
    Will try and find out how to replicate exactly etc, also if BLUE3 has similar.

    have to say though, this is a brand new install, no customization. What I do notice is that I do get the click sound affect when I hit the remote (Hauppauge 45 button), it's just that there is no reaction from MP.

    Found same problem reported.


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