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January 27, 2008
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Hi All!
I have an odd problem here! Im using onlinevideos plugin for watching webcontent as SVTPlay, a Swedish online achive for distribution of the National Public Service Broadcasting programs. However, selecting and starting the videostream works fine. But it comes with no sound whatever. I checked the Onlinevideosplugins testfiles, all works great. Im using LAV, but with sharks007 package. The codecs works fine though on some testfile samples I have. Dolby Digital, DTS etc.

When using IE11 I can Watch SVTPlay content with no problemo, both video and sound.

Is there anyone with a clue on whats wrong here?



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January 27, 2008
Sweden Sweden
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bump and adding:
I tried the EVR; ArrowUp and+1, it shows that there is no audio renderer added. Its only Lav video and mediaportal splitter.


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  • September 27, 2009
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    hm, don't know exactly, but perhaps (vaguely remember seeing someting alike on youtube) the plugin selects the stream where audio and video are in separate streams, and Mediaportal cannot handle that.

    Unfortunately this site is geoblocked, so it's going to be a real pain to check/fix this...

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