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December 19, 2012
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Trying to install the beta version of MP and I don't have any TV-Server access. I don't see it in configuration, under the Program Files (x86), and not even in the registry. I do have MediaPortal folder just not the TV-Server.

I first installed via web and then when that failed I tried to download the files for later installation. When I do that it asks me for WMP11 download. For what? I have WMP12 as part of Win8.

I seen the post about tvcontrol.dll but that requires a folder. That I do not have.

Can someone help?

Windows 8 x64 Pro, Hauppauge 2250



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    So MePo client installed ok?

    Run installer, choose download option, when it asks for WMP11 it gives you a folder to put it in, inside that folder you can find the tvserver installer.exe as well as the other components of installation, you can manually run these.

    PS. MP doesn't support Win8 (yet)

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