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    Hi there,

    I customized the videoOSD a little. Basically I was annoyed by the huge pop-ups of the audio- and subtitle menu. So I tried to fit them into the existing panel. I also added ClearArt, ClearLogo, CDArt for Movies and Musicvideos. Anyway, instead of writing pages and pages of text (with questionable grammar :D), I'd rather show pictures of how it actually looks:



    Musicvideos (if Artist ClearLogo exists):

    Musicvideos (if no ClearLogo exists):
    videoOSD_mv_noclearlogo (2).JPG
    Recorded TV or Video generally:
    Subtitle Menu:
    Audio Menu:

    - ClearArt, DVD-Art for Movies (if no ClearArt is available, ClearLogo is shown)
    - ClearArt for Series (if no ClearArt is available, ClearLogo is shown)
    - ClearLogo (if available) replaces Artist string for Musicvideos (mvCentral)
    - Musicvideo artist replaces the string that usually displays movie-genre and year when playing a musicvideo
    - Audio and Subtitle menu integrated in the existing panel
    - moved the mediainfo-Icons to the left, changed the order (can easily be reversed by not using the "videoOSD.mediainfo.xml" from the .zip)
    - very cool DVD-Case Overlay (made by manicho on DeviantArt.com [LINK])

    - Download the .zip-file (obviously ;))
    - extract it either in your main titan-skinfolder or (my recommendation) in a new or existing themefolder. (The two .png-files should end up in the "Media"-Subfolder)
    - adjust ClearArt, ClearLogo, DiscArt-Paths in "include.ClearArt.xml" to your ClearArt-filestructure.
    - ClearArt/ClearLogo for Series is not specified in "include.ClearArt.xml", since MPTV-Series itself can provide ClearArt-Properties quite comfortably. If you haven't already done this open the "TVSeries.SkinSettings.xml", and insert the following lines between "<videoplayimages import="true">" and "</videoplayimages>" (and replace "C:\Sample\Folder\Structure" with the actual path to your ClearArt)
    Code (XML):
    2. <property>
    3.     <name>TVSeries.Play.ClearArt</name>
    4.     <value><![CDATA[C:\Sample\Folder\Structure\<Series.ID>.png]]></value>
    5. </property>
    6. <property>
    7.     <name>TVSeries.Play.ClearLogo</name>
    8.     <value><![CDATA[C:\Sample\Folder\Structure\<Series.ID>.png]]></value>
    9. </property>
    - (re)start Mediaportal and enjoy.

    - Tested only with 1.8.0 at 1080p, should work fine though :cautious:
    - works best with MovingPictures, MPTV-Series, mvCentral, MyVideo
    - I added an exception for Musicvideos by AC/DC: since the "/" is not a valid character for filenames I manually replaced AC/DC with AC_DC.

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      July 26, 2014
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