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  • May 17, 2008
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    Hi Guys,
    this is a basic mode for the WWL plugin , as the plugin skin file that come with the installation did not update for last Titan version .. I update the skins file to work with Titan and MP 1.4.0 . ( for Titan Basic version).

    As this is to support WWL plugin (we all hope is getting to be a part of MP core , very soon) , I keep the basic home and every screen , to view as Titan Team Design , mean only Temp' view ... ;)
    (WW & WWL code add to "common.time.xml" and "common.time.settings.xml" so the temp' will view in all screen of Titan.

    I add a code for full weather condition backdrops , Background for Weather is taken from the ... Skin\Media\Weather\weather_BG\ ( just copy the folder "weather_BG" to the main weather folder ) as Titan not have "animations" folder .
    Backdrops pack : https://www.team-mediaportal.com/extensions/logos/weather-condition-backdrops-pack (this is my old pack 720p ... I will update them or a new images to be 1080p , in the next week or so...

    Post full files and GFX as they come with WWL installation , as some users report of not view correct with Titan last version .

    to install full : copy the 3 xml files to Titan skin folder . and all GFX image to Media folder , clear Cache folder .
    and open MP :) .

    Will do more work on this ....


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