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  • April 19, 2006
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    Mediaportal (or later) REQUIRED

    TESTED USING: Mediaportal-svn-01-23-2009--22-00

    RELEASE DATE: 4th February 2009
    RESOLUTION: 1366x768 (16:9)
    Note: Display problems will only be looked at if running at the recommended resolution.

    Supported Plugins

    NOTE: Install plugins before installing Monochrome. If the plugin is an MPI/E do not install the Monochrome skin if provided, first try the included skin file.
    If that does not work correctly then use the skin file supplied by the MPI/E. Make sure you have plugin language files if they are needed.

    ForTheRecord v1.3.2.0 (skin files included by plugin author)
    GlobalSearch v0.1.6.1b
    MediaSlayer v1.1b
    Moving Pictures v0.6.5
    MP-RSSTicker v1.0.011208
    MP-TVSeries v2.1.3321

    MTV Music v0.2
    mVids v0.2
    My Chess v0.3.1
    My XM Radio v0.2.3.0 (Untested)
    MyClickMania v1.3
    MyConnect4 v0.4
    MyDailyComics 0.12
    MyEmulators v3.0
    MyFilms v4.8.0b
    MyHexxagon v0.4
    MyLyrics v1.21

    MyMastermind v2.10
    MyMinesweeper v0.3
    MyMPlayer 1.0

    MyMusic Trivia v0.3.1
    MyOnlineVideos v0.36
    MyOrganizer v2.0 (Not fully tested)
    MyPrograms v1.0
    MyShowTimes v2.2.0
    MySimonSay v0.6.0.4
    MyTrailers 2.0.1 (beta)
    MyUKTop40 v0.1
    MyUsenet v0.5
    MyWorldMap v1.0 RC2
    myYouTube v0.24
    Netflix Manager v2.0
    Shoutcast Directory v0.9.2
    SvtPlay v1.0.071212 (Hotfix)
    SysInfo 1.0 RC2
    TVGemist v2.2.2b
    TVRecordings v0.3
    wwITV v0.7
    Yahoo Music Videos v0.6 v0.3.1

    Version 2.5

    Some major changes for MP v1.0.1 support.
    Update to TV home screen.
    Updated and added support for plugins in bold above.
    Added IMDB info to My Video screens, does not work in playlist.
    RSS-Ticker only visible if plugin enabled and has data.
    Added mini display settings xmls.
    Reworked MP-TVSeries screens and logos, user intervention no longer required for display configuration.
    Added new graphics files for newly supported plugins.
    Added hover_blank.png for those customizing the basic menus.

    Known Bugs

    Sudoku text is too dark - embedded in MediaPortal code.

    ***** Thanks to all who posted updated xmls and bug reports/suggestions *****

    Have fun!!!
    Psycho Reptile.


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    January 30, 2006
    Belgium Belgium
    Holy crap, please do continue this is very very nice! I love the simplicity and the colors!


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    April 30, 2007
    Very clean and sharp. I would agree please keep up the good work if Harley has no objections.

    any plugins already supported (Tv Series and MyFilms hopefully :))

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