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April 16, 2009
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There seems to have been an issue with mouse scrolling in the past

0001194: Main menu is hard to use with mouse - MediaPortal Bugtracker

I've just installed V1.01 as a newbie and I'm finding the menus in MP are *very* difficult to use with mouse wheel scrolling.

I use the mouse scroll wheel in pretty much all apps, but in MP the actions are frustrating.

1) In TV guide, the scrolling is erratic. It will only scroll happily into the next page if the mouse cursor is on the top or bottom channel on that page. If I happen to have the cursor somewhere in the middle of the channel list behaviour is erratic. Sometimes it will go on a 'fixed loop' and scroll repeatedly through three or four channels on that page. Occasionally it will scroll out of that page if I move the wheel very slowly, but not always.

2) On the 'Channel' menu item the mouse scroll is very similar, and seems markedly associated with the speed of turning the mouse wheel

3) on the MP opening menu, the mouse autoscrolls automatically when the cursor is above or below the centre button, but it's sometimes quite tricky to catch the actual function (TV - weather - pictures etc).

I get the feeling this is a problem between MP and the OS, but can't really go beyond that. I'm using Vista HP and M$ Intellipoint.

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