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May 21, 2007
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Hi all,

I now have a couple of movies where I have the theatrical edition and extended edition. Of course these come under the same IMDB number and so show as the same movie title in Moving Pictures.

I found an old thread (Moving pictures, StreamedMP, 3D media logo?) that mentioned you can use '(Extended)' (for example) in the filename and this will append 'Extended' to the movie title (if I've read it correctly). I have tried doing this with a file, however, the title in Moving Pictures doesn't show it.
Is there a setting somewhere I may have missed to display it? The option in IMDB+ is set to 'yes' where it mentions recognising the extra info.

Eg: Deadpool.2.2018.Super.Duper.Cut (tt5463162) (Extended).mkv shows as 'Deadpool II' in Moving Pictures.



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    I think you whack it between square brackets:
    ThisAceMovie (2018) [extended]\ThisAceMovie (2018) [extended].mp4
    Not sure but I think it's the folder name that works - try one then the other then both! :)


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    May 21, 2007
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    Will try the square brackets. Thought I read somewhere it could be either.
    Hopefully not the folder name as all my movies are in a single folder.


    Edit: No luck. Still doesn't display the text from the brackets.
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