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November 10, 2011
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I've searched and searched for grabbers information in MP2. It seems that no longer exist as such. MP2 reads information from TMDB as only source of information.
Then, How to gather information from alternate site?
I need create a independent plugin? (such as "\MediaPortal-2-master\MediaPortal\Resources\Templates\UI Plugin Template\Plugin.csproj")
That would feed plugin to sqlite database and MP2 recovers data from there?
O must be a own Database?

Greetings from Spain!


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    Thanks for your interest in MP2 :)

    There are already "grabbers" for online libraries, in MP2 we call them "Metadata extractors" (MDE). First you can find all existing ones here: Some of them (Movie+Series) take use of OnlineLibraries (

    In principle we have following choices:
    • Developing an independent plugin that brings it own grabber code
    • Extending the inbuilt Movie/SeriesMDE with a custom "grabber engine" (like known from MP1)
    The first approach provides best isolation of code and dependencies. One point that is current not optimal is the fact that the order of MDE execution is not defined per extractor, but only for "categories" (basic, extended, online). This means: if you MDE is excuted before the inbuilt, the inbuilt could overwrite the already filled MediaItemAspects (Movie/Series info).

    But the good news to that aspect is, that the importer and metadata extraction is currently under huge rework, so we can take the required steps now.

    This is especially important to @MJGraf and @MrTechno

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