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January 6, 2009
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Hi people.

I've got a little bug with the importing of Movies into MePo2. The scrapper picks up all the films in the share correctly, but for the 'foreign' films (i.e those with an originally non-English name, think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...) it imports foreign text for the film details.

Well I assume this is the case as MePo only displays '[]' style characters for the film title and description. (I expect this is a result of not having the correct language pack install in Windows)

I know it has selected the correct film as the Artwork is correct.

The file name is in English and matches the title within the IMDB. My default languages for MePo, the Scrapper, and Windows is English.

Can anyone explain where I can force the scrapper to only bring in the English title/description please?

Thank you. (And apologies in advance if this is just another simple settings option I've missed...)

For the record the films in questions are:
Princess Mononoke - Mononoke-hime (original title)
House Of Flying Daggers - Shi mian mai fu (original title)
Spirited Away - Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (original title)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Wo hu cang long (original title)
Hero - Ying xiong (original title)
Castle in the Sky - Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta (original title)


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  • January 11, 2014
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    The reason is that those Ghibli Movies are originally Japanese and the current skins do not support Asian languages.
    Most questions can be answered by Wiki, you should always take a look there first.
    The option you are looking for is in settings - media library. You can select the scrapper language. Or you organize your files with for example Tiny Media Manager in advance and switch online scrapping off in the settings. The import will be much faster in this case.


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    January 6, 2009
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    Apologies, perhaps I wasn't clear in my original post.

    My problem isn't that the Japanese characters aren't supported (or Mandarin for the non-Ghibli films), it's the fact that the scrapper is pulling in the Asian language version of the film details in the first place.
    I did originally follow the Wiki with regards to setting the scrapper language (and every other language setting I could find) to English, yet the problem persisted.

    However I will now look to use a standalone application like the one you have mentioned as a work around for this problem. Thank you for the information.


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    it's the fact that the scrapper is pulling in the Asian language version of the film details in the first place.
    Difficult to tell what happened without logs.

    What you could try is the following:

    • Move the respective movie files away from the share
    • Do a new import - this will delete the movie information form the database
    • Change the file names of the movies in question into title (year) (tt...).mkv (or what ever extension you have), where year and tt... is the respective informaiton from Search your moive there and once found, pick the number form the browser address line.
    • Move the files back into the share and do a new import
    EDIT: you can actually change the file names directly within the original share.
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    January 6, 2009
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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I deleted, and then re-added the files with the IMDB reference in the title, but unfortunately it didn't improve things.

    I'll re-run the import and check to see if the Logs provide a clue to whats going.


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