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December 23, 2008
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Hi aj1405

maybe you can update the skin file that it looks a little like the second image file i attached
but then offcourse in black and white
that should be really cool if you can do that

i use your modified version of the skin file for moving pictures
but now with the new release of moving pictures 0.7 it has some new functions described in bold below
can you maybe update your skin files with the new functions?

and i dont know if its possible but is it possible to add in the right top corner a movie counter wich says how much movies your have in your current moving pictures database like the first attached image file
that is from another skin but i like to keep using B and W :)

Changes in 0.7

* Two new labels have been added to indicate the number of movies in the users movie collection, and the number of movies currently listed in the facade based on filtering. See the Labels section below for details.
* A second backdrop image control has been added to support a fading transition when the backdrop image changes. See the Backdrop Fading transition section below.
* A working animation control has been added to indicate when the Moving Pictures Importer is actively loading a movie file or retrieving details and artwork. See the controls section below for details.
* We would like to officially encourage you to display the movie rating on a five star scale rather than ten. With five stars it's easy to see at a very quick glance how a movie has been rated by critics. With ten stars though often users find themselves actually counting the number of stars, which is certainly not desirable. You are of course free to design your skin as you see fit, but please consider this suggestion. To make the change all you have to do is change the imagesToDraw tag of the imagelist control from 10 to 5.

Changes in 0.6.0

* Three dummy labels have been added to provide visibility indicators to the skin. For example it is possible to have an image visible only when the currently selected movie has already been watched. See the Dummy Controls section below for more details.


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January 2, 2009
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Would be nice indeed to see something like this in b&w skin.

Same goes for mytvseries.... :)

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