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June 15, 2012
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I want to set in MP config that moving pictures is auto loading only forced subtitles.
What I have done:
Select subtitle engine: MPC-HC
Subtitles mode section: Subtitles will only display forced subtitles *
When I'm watching a movie in MovPic, no subtitles appear. In the subtitles option in the movie I can see that "forced subtitles" is turned on and "on/off" is off. When I turn that manually on, than everything is working how it sould be. How can I set it as default on? Can anybody else confirm that problem?
I'm using latest MP and MovPic.


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June 15, 2012
Germany Germany
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I'm using the latest MovPic and MP. I want to use that MovPic is showing the forced subtitles automatically as default. I have set the specific option in MP config but MovPic doesn't show it. I have to thick the option "on/off" in the movie options when it is playing that it appears.
I started an own thread but didn't get help till yet. You can look also here:


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    It could be nice to do a quick test. Setup a share and use share view and see if forced track sub works. There is some old lav splitter vetdion that doesn t work (bug).
    Good luck and maybe post full log.

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