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December 8, 2015
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Hello everyone!

This question was originally posted in the Media Portal Support section. After many months of procrastination (and fear of corrupting my MP Database) I finally got around to upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. After fixing some issues with Gigabtye software compatibility and Windows continually forgetting mapped (NAS) drive credentials I now have everything running smoothly. To my relief, MediaPortal and my database survived the migration and continues running as before; with one exception....

Moving pictures now displays every single movie file in red (False Invalid File Path) and notes that the file's are "currently not available" and that I should "reconnect the media (folder) labled 'video' to Y:\". The False Invalid is also restricting MovingPictures from recognizing and or importing any new files via the Import tab, yet does so automatically without a problem via launching MediaPortal.

The file path for the media and my entire database remain exactly the same as it was before the Windows update, they haven't changed. They're still the same Y:\ and Z:\ mapped drives, the credentials are solid, the sub-folders are identical; and the watch folders remain unaltered. Now here's the really strange part.... Even though MovingPictures config claims the paths to be invalid, Inside MediaPortal every single movie file plays flawlessly; so clearly the file paths cannot possibly be invalid. What am I missing here? Furthermore, my MP-TV Series extension media is hosted on the same Synology DS411 NAS drives via the same mapped drives and file path as my movies yet MP-TV imports media and functions without an issue.

Scratching my head over this one, stumped. This issue is clearly specific to MovingPictures! I've attached a bunch of screenshots showing the MovingPictures media which is constantly displayed in red and the error that's received whenver you try to do anything inside the extension that queries the false invalid file path. Along with the most recent Watchdog Log. I was advised to upgrade from MP 1.11 to 1.14 Final which I did, but it didn't change anything. The issue persists.

Please help!


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    Moving-Pictures stores volume labels and serial numbers as well on drives, so you can connect a drive as X: and reconnect another drive as X: as well and it will be able to keep the imports separated. The logic was meant for optical discs, as they are different discs for the same drive-letter, but the same method is applied to harddisks. It appears that in your conversion Windows 10 gave a different serial number or volume label to your NAS box, which is weird, because UNC paths are normally excluded from that and most NAS solutions will not give any info for a mapped drive.

    That sounds like the most logical choice though, because it also explains why the files still play fine, because MediaPortal deals with playback and does not make that same s/n + label check.

    Now as far as fixing goes, Moving-Pictures also uses hashes to recognize when a file is moved from one valid import path to another.

    So instead of manually fixing the database to correct the bad serial number or label issue, you could consider to first make a backup of the db3 file, and then inside config tag the existing Y: to be replaced (option in drop down menu), and then connect the drive to Z: or some. Once the movies are "moved" which you can see in the log files with a bunch of references, and the movies show up black again, you can remove Y: from import path, allow MovPic to clean up any old reference (verify log again), and then repeat the same process to get it back to Y:.

    Or if you are handy with SQLite then just edit the database manually.

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