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  • August 31, 2010
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    Hello everyone. Currently running MP 1.12 with Moving Pictures 1.8.1 on a windows 8.1 x64 machine. My files are on another computer on my LAN all wired (no wifi) with Gbit/s speed. When I ass a folder into the movie importer tab, it finds all the titles when then it hangs while it is matching the files. It sometimes hangs after 20 or sometimes it hangs after 1200. I have ~ 3K movies. When it hangs if I close Moving Pictures Configuration none of the movies get imported. I tried deleting the moving pictures database and rebuilding it but that does not seem to help. In the past with other versions of Moving Pictures I have been able to import without a problem. It seems like the connection to who even Moving Pictures get's data from is where the issue lies.

    Any suggestions?

    So I just put about 80 movie titles on a separate drive and it imported without any problems. Could it be the number of titles that it is having problems with (~ 3000)?
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    One of the files is causing the importer to crash.

    Identify the file (or files), and remove them, or fix the import issue that is causing the crash.

    MediaInfo.dll is used to obtain technical details on the files it is importing, you might need to manually download a new 32-bit DLL-only update to fix that.

    The log file (might require debug-verbosity level to be configured in MediaPortal configuration first) is where you can find out what specific file is causing the crash, but keep in mind that the normal import process is asynchrone on 5-threads, which makes log files extremely hard to read. Reducing thread count in Moving-Pictures advanced settings to '1' fixes that problem at the expense of the import process taking a very long time on a large collection.

    Otherwise rename your current 'movie' folder to "D:\Movies.Bad", and create a new "D:\Movies" folder. Then with MovPic config open (use the standalone desktop link) you move say 10-100 movies from the 'bad' folder to the new one, and watch the importer go crazy. Once you see green checkmarks on all the new movies you added, you move another 10-100 movies over. That will allow you to find the problem movie faster, and has the benefit that all the movies that did import correct stay in the database if you allow the import process to finish 100%.


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    The latest version can always be found @

    Direct link to the one you would want for MediaPortal =

    Extract the DLL from that 7-Zip file, and overwrite the one you have in MediaPortal program root folder. Do a search on your full drive for mediainfo.dll otherwise, because you wouldn't be the first who had an issue with some older mediainfo.dll in another folder that took priority over the one bundled with MediaPortal due to registry entries.

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