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January 12, 2008
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I was using 1.0 of Media Portal in Vista 32 with StreamMP as my skin, and using MyPrograms pug-in to launch my PC games. Never had any problems... now I am updated to SVN Revision:22162 with StreamMP 0.7.409 which is also using Moving Pictures 0.7.2.

It seems now with this current version... when running external programs through plug-ins like myprograms, myemultaors,etc..... that when the program closes it returns to the Home Screen instead of the plug-in screen like in 1.0.

Also if you try to run the external program again and quit a second time... MP will show up in the taskbar but will not respond! This is consistent.

Run a program it a second time.. MP wont show up or can hear the buttons clicking from your remote though...

I also tried running MP in a window, and when I quit the program i launched... MP just has a white screen in the wndow.

Why does MP return to Home Screen now? Is there a way around this....

Well it seems the freeze up problem I am having after launching external programs twice... is from Moving Pictures (the one included with the newest StreamMP). If i disable Moving Pictures..the problem is gone...

This seems to happen in other skins as well, and not just with MyPrograms, but any Plug-in that launches other APPS.

It seems to be very clear that the problem comes from either Moving Pictures or the newer SVNs...

Would using an older version of Moving Pictures get around this??? How do I do that???

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