Moving Pictures...seem to have 'lost' ability to display Movie info. (eg Resolution/Audio) (1 Viewer)


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February 10, 2012
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Somehow....I've managed to lose that part of the info. banner showing....4K/1080p/DTS/Dolby Digital...etc.
Does anyone know how I can get this back?
(I assume that there is a setting that I've somehow toggled to 'off')

Notice that there is now nosupport for Moving Pictures in the wiki!


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    @tonewheelkev on that post I've included the main ones that most users will find missing.

    The log file will tell you exactly what it is looking for, or go to Moving-Pictures configuration, locate movie, and switch to the file info section to inspect the codec info. Whatever you see as codec-name, needs a matching codec-name.png in your respective skin folder in the respective audio/video folders.

    In most cases the icon you are after might already exist in that folder, and you would simply copy-and-rename to solve it.

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