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December 21, 2010
I have installed moving pictures 1.5, but it won't import movies from my external sata raid drives. I have added the drives under movie importer. The movies are stored as .iso files. I have added the .iso extension in the movies extensions list in mediaPortal. If I mount an iso file with virtual clone drive, it will import it while it is on the virtual drive.I have used moving pictures before with success, can't figure out what I am doing wrong on this reinstall. Hoping to fix this before a big party here on Saturday.



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    Adding ISO as extension is the wrong way. You have to setup the virtual drive mounting correct inside MediaPortal configuration. Then the ISO will be turned automatically into say V:\ and then MovPic will be able to scan the actual content correct and import accordingly (it should detect the optical drive letter automatic, or in worst case you add the import path manually such as V:\).

    Adding the ISO as extension would play the ISO file as-is, so you can use "Avatar.iso", but it will only work on a setup with an external player that is capable of playing ISO files directly.

    If you have problems making it work with Virtual Clone Drive then try Daemon Tools Lite instead.
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