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  • December 10, 2010
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    [I feel very dumb, but cannot see how to select "all" my files for export? It must be something simple.
    Use the lower button "Export directory" or what it says.
    Thanks. That is what working directories are for, I thought it was a directory where it could perform work like a huge temporarily directory.


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    Hi! I made a similar tool while testing migrating from MP1 to MP2, one difference is that my tool have the watched status in the nfo file and not in a separate file (I also recommend using Trakt). I wont say my is better, just that there is that tool also. You find it here: [solved] - Export tool and import support from MP-TVSeries & Moving Pictures to MP2

    I have tried to follow the picture and nfo guidelines here:
    NFO Node - Lexical support
    TV-Show artwork - Official Kodi Wiki
    NFO files/TV shows - Official Kodi Wiki

    For TV series it works best if you have:
    1. One folder for each TV series, eg. maybe "The.Blacklist"
    2. In the TV series folder you have one folder for each seson, eg. maybe "S01"
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