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January 11, 2008
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Hi all, I have a very strange problem and an nonstandard setup.

I have 2 NAS devices one of which hosts the database and thumbs for all my machines to share, which I would expect a small slowdown on. Anyway the machine that's directly connected to the network via a gig cable connection is ok a bit slow and sometimes only loads the first tv series in the list but nothing exceptional. It is just a client.
The second machine in the lounge is connected via netgear Ethernet over power 500mbs and get a good connection runs tv server and client. The TV server has no real issues and I can watch tv no problems on the other machines. The client however takes a good 8 minutes to load, can only ever bring up the first tv series in the list and going into and navigating through videos is slow for example 2 mins to show the default directory, and up to 8 mins to navigate to a directory on the NAS. For my daughter I have to start MP and navigate 3 directories which takes 25 mins to do.(Using VLC now for her). Also when I play a file usually the first or second one it starts after 1 or 2 mins,then just sound for about 1 min then black screen with sound for about 1 min then finally get a picture. The TV functionality is fine and quick. The same issues exist on the wireless connection machine which has about 4 metres to the access point, the TV functions once start are ok. All the machines are pretty beefy and run bitdefender (I can't for the life of me remember if the same issues occured before I installed it) so will try to uninstall on the lounge machine. These issues have gone through MP1.2.1 to 1.2.3. Got ampdroid yesterday and the time to react on the lounge machine is absolutely ridiculous at first I thought it wasn't working but after a minute or so the command is executed, takes 10 seconds on the directly connected machine. The lounge and direct connect machines run WIN 7 PRO x64, the wireless win 7 home x64.

Any ideas, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated, oh and MediaPortalsdirs.XML is modded to point at the NAS for the Database and Thumbs. I have been running MP for 5 years now and these issues started when I went off all wired to wireless and ethernet over power.

Thanks in advance.

Found it. it seems it doesn't like the databases and thumbs being on a networked drive have moved local and zippy as ever now to setup up a synchronizing of some sort between the machines.
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