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April 9, 2009
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Oh so thats pr client! What do you think about partioning my SSD disk and use one partion to OS and the other for timeshifting? And installing Win 7 64bs for being able to use all of my 8 GB memory?
Don't use a SSD for Timehsifting! You will break it!

I use a Wester Digital HDD, which is designed for A/V stuff and I have absolutely no problems :) Even if I record 3 programs on this HDD and watch Live Tv there is no stutter, no discontinues.
Thanx for the advice, I guess I will use a separate mechanical HD with 7200 RPM for timeshifting:)


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December 16, 2010
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'Break' is maybe the wrong word.
They wear out quickly because of the many write operations.


Do you really need an i7? Are you planning to transcode on the fly or fulfill additional tasks?

4GB for ramdisk should be ok up to 2 maybe 3 clients. Of course it's depends on how you watch tv.
I'm using an 8GB ramdisk for 3 clients and it's never filled more than 30-40%.


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December 16, 2010
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Hard to say. Of course, every HDD/SSD can completly fail at some point. But wearing out depends on the p/e cycle of your SSD.
As I see you got one from OCZ. In my opinion its not a 'rockstable' SSD but it seems, because you using it already a couple of years, you got one from the few good ones.

But I wouldn't make too much worries about it. Use CrystalDiskInfo from time to time to check your SSD health and everything should be ok.


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    The better the SSD, the more reliable. I have had 2 SSD's fail and finally went with a name brand... much better.
    I also use Hard Disk Sentinel to monitor my SSD and other drives....

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