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March 10, 2012
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Built a new Standalone system based on Intel NUC10i7 box, Windows 10 Pro with a NAS for storing my videos and music media. Everything worked fine until I tried to play a video from the NAS share which returns an error message.
Error playing media item.png

See attached log files, tried playing video "Celine Dion A New Day.mkv".

I turned on logging on the NAS and found that MP2 Client is making connections with credentials defined for MP2 shares but it is also making some connection calls using current logged on user (or not defined and default values passed).
NAS Connection log 1_LI.jpg

Finally found a work around by changing the PC's Group Policy Setting to allow insecure guest logons. According to the description for this setting I should not have needed to define it as the default is enabled.
Group policy setting.png

After this change I can now play videos on the NAS using MP2. My NAS is setup so that if unknown credentials are passed it defaults to the Guest account that has read access to the video files. The file access calls use the correct credentials.
NAS File Access log 2.png




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    I dont think that this is related to MP2. Instead you may have run into a Windows 10 security protocol property. Check out this Wiki entry: NAS Systems


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    March 10, 2012
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    My NAS is new and is setup to exclude SMB1 protocol, minimum protocol is set to SMB2.

    Other testing results:
    • MP2 had no issues playing music files from the NAS.
    • I mapped the NAS video share using same credentials I defined in MP2. Video apps Film & TV and VLC Media Play had no issues playing the NAS video files.
    • I added to MP2 another video share I have on another W10 PC. MP2 had no trouble playing these video files.


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