[confirm] MP Crashing upon video playback since changing files in media directory (1 Viewer)


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November 23, 2010
Running 1.2.0Alpha with streamed MP (newest version available) on a Windows 7 x 64 machine.

This is actually the second time this issue has occurred and it only went away after a complete uninstall / reinstall of MP (didn't report it the first time because I thought something else was going on).

All my files are stored on an unRaid server and accessed over the LAN. Everything was running fine until today, when I made some changes to the files in my "tv shows" user share (directory). I replaced a bunch of files with new versions, and also added some files to another tv show. Since then, every time I try to play any type of video file through either MP-TV series or Moving Pictures (both of which are the most recent versions), MP freezes, requiring ctrl-alt-delete to close the program.

I've attached the logs from the last two times this has happened.

This could be an issue specific to MP-TV series / MovingPictures, but that would seem a bit odd considering MovingPictures isn't pointed at the same directory as MP-TV series and I only changed things in the directory that MP-TV series points to.

My pandora plugin still works, not sure if that matters.

Let me know if more information is needed or if there's any thoughts on what might be going on (and if there is a fix without having to again uninstall / reinstall).

I can attest that changing files didn't use to give this issue (I would consistently add files to the directory that MP-TV series was pointed at and they would automatically update within MP 1.1.1)

I suppose I should also add that I tried removing the entire directory from MP-TV series and re-adding it, but that did not fix the issue.


Portal Pro
November 23, 2010
So, I don't have any files in the videos directory...I've only been using Moving Pictures and MP-TV Series. Seeing as those don't load in debugging mode, I added the same directory to the Videos folder, then changed a file in it, and the issue didn't occur. However, I don't know how comparable to the two are considering I didn't have it scrub for fanart or anything like that.

I'll try the fixes suggested in that thread...the only thing is that isn't really what I'm experiencing. I can browse in and out of everything, and all my video files are listed there still, but once I go to play them it completely freezes. In either case, I'll see if those fix the issue.


Portal Pro
November 23, 2010
this turned out to be an issue within Moving Pictures, as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with MP 1.2.0 alpha

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