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April 16, 2013
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MediaPortal Version: 1.3.0

I have a dedicated PC running only media portal. When I have finished watching, I switch only the TV off (connected to the media center via DVI to HDMI). When I switch the TV back on, media portal freezes sometimes, but will never allow me to start a movies or series. The screen becomes transparent. I can hear the movie in the background, but I have to use task manager to kill it and start again. The only way around this currently is to remember to switch MP off before switching off the TV, even though the PC runs 24/7. I did try with the new standard skin, but had the same results.
This never happened with the previous version of MP on the same PC.

Steps to Reproduce:
Start MP
Switch TV off
Switch TV back on
Attempt to start a movie


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    I'd run mepo in debug mode and post logs otherwise no one will be able to help

    Having said that, mediaportal/windows does many things when you disconnect the display (what you are effectively doing when turning your tv off - this causes windows to change resolution multiple times) I believe the 1.4 test version may help/stop your freezing issue and it may be worth testing (it will also help improve the next version of mepo as they are targeting connectivity issues so would be useful to know if it resolves your issues

    This is the thread if you are interested

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