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March 8, 2010
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Like binary black-and-white, not grey scale. The first few minutes typically work well but then it goes black and white (keeps playing, though).

Stopping the movie or going to the menu shows a black and white version of everything (so it's not just the movie playing, it's mediaportal itself). MP still responds to commands. Closing MP gives me a full-colour screen again.
I've watched tv and used online videos, both work fine as far as I tested it.
I reinstalled MP to no avail (without any plugins other than titan extended.)

Playing the same file (I tested a few MKV files) in either VLC or MPC-HC gives no problems.

I've used SAF and ffdshow tryouts (even though I didn't think it's a codec issue).

I couldn't find anything that seems related (to my relatively untrained eye) in the logs (neither MP logs nor windows event viewer). If you need to see any specific logs I'd be happy to upload it.

This started when I did a new clean XP install and installed MP 1.4 (I used 1.3 previously on the same XP version, though before a reinstall without this issue). All the specs for my HTPC in my profile are up to date.

[edit] I forgot to mention, if I close MP and start it back up again, it'll show in colours and work normally. Playing a MKV file again will result in the same behavior; after a minute or so the screen will go to a binary black and white.
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