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November 27, 2005
Ok all, I've got an odd problem going on... When I use the EPG, or the chan+ chan- buttons all is well.. but when I try to directly tune a channel, say by pushing 05 on the remote, it jumps to 06 instead. 10 goes to 11. 40 goes to 42. Its like some kind of map for the remote is all screwy.

The same happens if I try to jump to a specific channel in the EPG.

Any thoughts?



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April 6, 2005
In the setup of MP you must sort the channels. Check under Television -> Channels -> Map Channels. You will see two listings. One with TV channels available and one with Channels in group. The last one can be sorted using the Up and Down buttons. Hope you get what I mean and that it will help you.



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January 26, 2005
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Is that your issue? See this post, for example:

gdirwin said:
The problem is Logical Channel Numbering...

For North America users, when you type 22, you want it to go to channel 22 (not the 22nd channel in your list).

Elsewhere (it seems) when you type 22, it is preferable to go to the 22nd channel in the list.

This should definitely be an option to decide what mode the user prefers... I have 300+ channels in my starchoice satellite (Canada) - the channels start at channel # 200 - without LCN I have to enter 200 blank/dummy channels that are disabled...

I recall reading the LCN would be in this release for DVB cards - is this feature to be available on all channels for all cards?

Solution: Enter dummy channels.

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