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March 10, 2009
Hi everyone,

Maybe this has been asked/requested before but I can't seem to find any clear answers so here it goes...

I am sure many of us have spent numerous hours organizing our ITUNES library/database, even though it's not the best GUI to work with, we have our Ipods and/or Iphones synced up to it. (for me, it's all of those) So instead of creating another database (in MP) and maintaining it at 2 locations, is it possible to create a plugin in MP that can access the Itunes' library/db and MP can act as the frontend so we can:

-access all of our songs, playlists, from Itune?
-search capability similar to Itune
-bonus: access ratings, smartlist, AND better access the Itune library/DB over the network (Itune installed on a different machine)

MP's developers, you guys are the product. Keep up the great work.


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    sure it is possible, but we won't do it.
    At least not me.

    Having an iPhone myself, i'm using Winamp to manage music on it, since i don't like iTunes at all.
    For my Music Collection i have a 90MB XML file as iTunes database, which is totally stupid and unmangeable.

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