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April 28, 2009
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Apologies for the subject heading, just couldn't find any other way of putting it :)

I have a (what I consider to be minor) issue in using the MCE remote with a combination of Media Portal / Moving pictures and Bluray playback via Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 3.

My Blurays are all played from their original discs from the Bluray optical drive in my HTPC. I have Moving Pictures configured to launch the Arcsoft player (using the MCE .exe for the 10ft GUI) just fine.

I use the MS remote with the associated MS USB IR receiver

The issue I have is then when I'm playing a Bluray, if I hit pause and then hit the play button to resume playback, it drops back into MP / Moving Pictures rather than resuming the movie. I can hit pause and then pause again to resume which is fine but it also affects fast forward and rewind function as it does the same there i.e if I hit ffw then play to go back to normal speed it drops back into Moving Pictures.

Essentially, any use the the Play button on the MCE remote when in the Arcsoft player, results in dropping back into MP / Moving Pictures when the Arcsoft player is launched through Mocing Pictures. Using the Arcsoft player standalone and the Play button works fine.

I'm assuming it's some sort of remote mapping issue and wasn't sure where to post this but just wondered if anyone else had come across this and if so managed to find a fix or work around?



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