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December 9, 2008
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I already posted the issue in MP1>Television subforum.
Folder for TV Recordings targets a NAS share (eg \\MYNAS\MyShare). Under certain conditions, deleting a recording in MP result in deletion of the entry in the database but no deletion of the file on the NAS share.
I run TVService with same user account as logged user. I can delete the recording on the share from Windows Explorer and MP cannot...
MP requires full access to the folder and read/write access are not sufficient. I suspect all file management (pictures, music) to behave the same way. The problem is that some NAS servers never report full access on shares but only Read/Write.
I found a "workaround": when the user is the owner of the share then MP is able to delete files on the NAS...
But this is not really handy: I had to reformat my NAS from the MP host using the user account used by MP (tested both on my DLink DNS315 and DNS320).
Connecting MP to a NAS requires reformating the NAS: not really convenient, isn't it?


Steps to Reproduce:
Set TV recording folder to a share from a NAS that was not installed from the computer hosting MP. Record a program, delete the program: ho, ho, the .ts file is not deleted.

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