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May 18, 2005
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Motherboard Chipset: nvidia nforce3 250
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1. TV Card: Digital Evrywhere FloppyDTV
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2. TV Card Type: Analog HW
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Audio Codec: Intervideo WinDVD 7
Satelite/CableTV Provider: Multikabel Netherlands
HTPC Case: Silverstone LC10M Lascala
Power Supply: Tagan TG330 UO1
Remote: Hauppauge Silver 45 button
TV: Philips widescreen CRT
TV - HTPC Connection: DoItYourself RGB->Scart

When I enter My Pictures, I see CPU usage climb to 100%. I think this is the result of opening and closing the picturedatabase too often. Why do I think so? Because in mediaportal.log, these 3 lines are repeated over and over:
31-5-2006 16:07:24 dbs:close:pictureDatabase.db3
31-5-2006 16:07:24 opening picture database
31-5-2006 16:07:24 picture database opened
31-5-2006 16:07:27 dbs:close:pictureDatabase.db3
31-5-2006 16:07:27 opening picture database
31-5-2006 16:07:27 picture database opened
31-5-2006 16:07:32 dbs:close:pictureDatabase.db3
31-5-2006 16:07:32 opening picture database
31-5-2006 16:07:32 picture database opened
31-5-2006 16:07:36 dbs:close:pictureDatabase.db3

It would be more efficient to open the database once, update/select all pictures in one sweep, and then close the database.

I could be wrong.

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