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August 21, 2011
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"Sometimes" when I am playing a playlist with the TV on I notice that the screen becomes frozen. The on screen playlist doesn't show the songs advancing through the list. i.e. the currently playing song doesn't match the name of the on screen song.

MP still plays the playlist ok but the screen just stops showing the correct song.

When this happens MP won't allow a shortcut command to go back to the TV or guide etc so it is stuck on the playlist screen. I'm sure MP is still running as I can initiate the internal MP shutdown / restart command via my remote.

What I have noticed in the logs is that it appears that the GPU is failing and giving the frozen screen effect but I can't decode the info to work out why. Unfortunately because I am not watching the playlist screen when it freezes I get logs that are full of the one problem area.

When using the TV the GPU works flawlessly for hours but intermittently fails as outlined above.

Can anyone help?



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