MP works perfect on TFT, but no TV output on tvout ? (1 Viewer)


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October 30, 2005
Hey Guys

Got a strange problem, maybe it's simple to solve.. I hope you guys can help me out on this one..

I've got an Hauppauge 150MCE and ATI card with tvout.

I got the livetv working good on my TFT screen, but on my TV (cloned display via catalyst drivers) there is only a black box displayed but the tv images are missing !! I think it has something to do with the tv overlay not displaying on the tvout but im not sure how to solve it

is it a known problem ???


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  • December 7, 2004
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    You either have to fix your settings in the ati control panel (no idea as I havent used an ati card for ages) or set all the video renders in MP to VMR9 renderless.

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