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October 27, 2015
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I had an issue before on MP1.15, where recordings were broken / stuttering due to the CPU dropping into a low power mode or something.

This is the thread: Tv Recordings Broken Video and Audio

Basically to fix the issue I used the file from this thread: [Finished] - Improvements to Live TV playback rate matching - for testing

This issue was gone, until I recently upgraded to MP1.20.

Then it came back. I had backed up the alternative TsWriter, and I then restored it.

However this does not appear to work.

So is there a 1.20 build of the TsWriter with the changes relating to the EXP-Upgrade_555_MM_Owlsroost which kept the CPU in a higher power state and prevented the stuttering

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    Basically, the changes to TsWriter and TsReader from that old thread are included in the recent versions of MP1.

    However, there is a very recent 'test' version of TsWriter (v., with some changes specifically for recording file writing) that you could try here - Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

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