[fixed] [MP2-822] Folder View is not displaying individual media share elements (1 Viewer)


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January 4, 2020
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I'm a new user and I am having a problem with TV playback. When I'm in the TV recordings section, and I'm in "Library View" everything works fine. But when I switch "Folder View", I can move around into a folder only to find it empty. What am I doing wrong in "Folder View"?

Here's what I see... MP2-FolderView01.png
Then I select the folder... MP2-FolderView02.png


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    Hello and welcome,

    What am I doing wrong in "Folder View"?
    Nothing, you have found a bug.:)

    I can reproduce the behavior on my system and have captured it as [MP2-822] Folder View is not displaying individual media share elements.

    What I would be interested in is why one wants to use folder view rather than staying in library view with all its advantages.

    By the way, you are using the most basic skin that we have. Check out the various BlueVision themes. If you are coming from Windows MCE you may also want to take a look at our WMC skin which will restore your Windows MCE user experience.
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    What I would be interested in is why one wants to use folder view rather than staying in library view
    For TV recordings, I also can't see any advantage in using folder view, but there are some scenarios where the folder view is better than the library view. Definitely not in series or movies but I always preferred the folder view for Images and "other" videos.

    Images I have sorted in such a way that I can find anything I'm looking for in no time. For "image library view" I would need to do tons of work with adding genres and such and still can't reflect the proper structure I have with sorting my images in file system. I'm used to this structure since decades, long before any HTPC tools like MP or Kodi or so exists. I don't want to transfer this with month of work into something that can't be even close to what I was used to since eternity...

    On "other" videos (means no series and no movies) I also can not get the view I like when using library view without extra work. I have created fanart and poster images for all videos (to be precise, Media-Buddy has done this for me) and have them sorted in a way that it looks similar to the "series" library view when I'm browsing the "other" videos in folder view. I have sub- folders for the different types of videos I have (local stuff, home movies, nature, music,...) Inside those "series- alike" sub- folders I have a view of all videos belonging to this type with poster and fanart. Opposite to images it is possible to reflect exactly this in library view. I need to tag all videos with different genres named after the folders. This is doing the trick but it needs more work than the folder view.

    For images I can't get the view I want in library view at all and in "other" videos I prefer folder view as it needs less work to get things as I like...
    So yes, ever since the beginning of MP2 I've used "folder view" in some areas and I still prefer "folder view" in those areas today...


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    I fixed this bug for the recording view only.
    Thanks. I can confirm that Recordings do now show the individual files in the subfolders.

    I was not able to reproduce it in any of the other media views like mentioned in the Jira ticket.
    I just looked again, and series/movies continue to show the problem, regardless of the skin used. I am checking from a VM though although I can't imagine why there would be a difference. I then checked a standard desktop installation - and there I am getting the same results as you. So the VM is not always behaving as it should...

    I'll update the Jira and close it.

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