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January 23, 2007
After a lot of tampering I believe this to be a bug of mediaportal.

There are some channels in this country that send mp2 audio.

The following don't work:
MP2 Mono 96kbps
MP2 Stereo 128kpbs

I am using ffdshow as audio decoder and have to set mp1 and mp2 IDs to use mp3lib. If I use libav codec there is no sound and on aud-X there is speededup sound with intervals. Other than AC3Filter, none other codec is able to decode these streams in mediaportal.

To be able to give you guys something concrete; below is the audio file capture from a graph that I made using ts sink buffer (I trimmed the 0 bytes alloced by ts sink buffer). That stream comes directly from the mpeg2 multiplexer without any filter inbetween. Its the Mono 96kbps stream.

Watching TV without timeshifting and then changing from any other channel to these channels using mp2 streams takes about 5 seconds, while other channels work almost instantly.
Then when enabling timeshifting the selecting these channels just makes the stream hang and am unable to continue watching the channel unless I first change to another channel.

I hope thats enough info for you guys, please let me know if you need more.

Kind regards,

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