[solved] MP2 Client TV Dont Want to play (2 Viewers)


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December 8, 2015
Germany Germany

I had to reinstall my Windows 10 and Media Portal 2.
So i thourght i would know how to setup MP2 again...

After setting up my tv server and channels, incl. the epg, i tried to watch some TV for testing , but the player dont open my TV stream.
I dont get an error message inside the MP2 client.
The media player window ( lil gray box inside MP2 ) open with just an play button but no stop or pause, then nothing happens.
When i try to play an local video file i dont have an problems, playback of an older recorded .ts are no problem either.

I looked at the TV server settings and did there an test time shift and recording , and it looks ok , just the client refuse to playback.

I dont realy got an clue where i should start to look and have include the logs

Hope some can help me.


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December 8, 2015
Germany Germany
Hello again.

Alfter an other day of testing and thinking i finaly found the problem.
It was the old recording and timeshift folders who still was set to my no longer existing user profile of my old windows install ...

The Server was able to write the files , but the Client was not able to access them ..
So an simple Owner change of the folders did the job ..

Just want to say in case some run in the same trouble ;)

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