MP2 new install, 2 x hdhomerun tuners, client on same PC unable to view TV & recordings (2 Viewers)


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March 3, 2020
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*Update Recordings do work and I can view them from the folder but can't thru the client.

Link for "system specs" isn't working and not seeing a place to show system config in profile/account settings. I will provide system info below.

Newly configured server/client on same system. Install and configuration seemed to complete well. I was able to setup my xmltv guide and view the guide.

When I select a channel I get a swirling circle and eventually just the blue screen with controls but no video. The log entries I see with the word "error" in them are many:
[2020-05-20 06:29:00,434] [39755 ] [40 ] [INFO ] - MultimediaDirectoy: Error while detection of media type of folder '/': Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Not sure what that means

That seem to correspond with the time channel was attempted to be tuned. Recording works and can view recorded files browsing folder but not via client. I have set all recording and timeshifting folders to the same folder on my secondary drive. Am wondering/trying things with user rights on that folder.

Setup: Win10 pro fully updated. I7 6700 16 GB mem Primary 256 gb ssd, secondary 1 TB drive

Tuners combined:
1 x hdhomerun network extend 2 tuner atsc
1 x hdhomerun network 2 tuner atsc

I've run out of time now, Sorry. Will add more later.

Let me know other info I can provide that would be helpful.

Thanks much!


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March 3, 2020
United States of America United States of America
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Update Logs attached - last action taken before collecting logs was tuning to a station

I have enabled debugging logging level and will post those logs in a bit. Please let me know anything else I can do to try to figure this out.

Thanks much


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