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May 26, 2008
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Okay, I"m going to try and details this as best one can, because quite frankly I am confused.

First things first, I have removed all previous versions of IRSS (even through User\AppData) and have successfully installed the latest IRSS 3009 with the "IR Server.exe" rather than the "IRSERVICE" as I am using an HID IMON device. The system is correctly reading the remote, both keyboard and mouse modes are working flawlessly. Translator is also working just fine... The problem I'm having is quite simple, I am not able to accurately create proper mapping for MPControl Plugin..

1.. Once in "mediaportal control plugin" I clear all entries and add "IMON Pad" from the pull down menu. Worth noting before even adding a remote the "Map Buttons" box is not greyed out, which I would have thought would be the case...

2.. Expanding the IMON Pad correctly shows the appropriate IR Codes and allows to to reassign if need be...

From here is where I am confused... As one would expect you would highlight the "IMON PAD" and select "Map Buttons"... What I get instead is an MCE Style mapping system which is useless to me as it does not even cross reference most of the buttons... For instance the "IMON PAD" has the "OPEN" button, next to the "PLAY" button... The MCE mapping template does not have this...

Thinking that maybe the template had not been created for IMON PAD I attempted to clear the current template and build my own from scratch, with no prevails.. I'm able to add functions two layers from the main tree for instance "Power TV - All layers - no conditions" but can not create the "Power TV" in the first place. So for instance I can't create of "Open" function that the IMON PAD has...

I was expecting the "Mapping Buttons" function to be an extension of the current remote selected, you can have more than two remotes in the main window added, should you not be able to have two remote mapping templates coinciding with these remotes...

Am I completely missing some thing here? :eek:

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