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April 20, 2005
Milano, Italy
I'm working in a web/media agency in Italy, and a customer asked us to develop a "site" that will be included in the online spotlight of MS MCE.
Online spotlight is a collection of sites developed to be viewed inside the MCE hosted IE.
Sites made for this "10' experience" have to be developed following certains guidelines, but they are made out of HTML+js.

If you don't make a marketing deal with MS you can also develop a 10feet site, just posting a link file on your "normal" website.

Anyway, why am I saying all this?
because I think that enabling MP to "read" these websites (and also reading the online spotlight directory on MS site) will give access to a wide area of on-demand contents.

Anyone thought to include such a feature on MP?


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August 25, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Well a Web Browser plugin has just been completed, so hopefully it'll lead to this, however you still can't highlight links and view video/audio at the same time like you can in MCE at this point in time.


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