multi htpc with their own dvb card setup with synology nas sql

Discussion in 'Installation, configuration support' started by liewfr, January 16, 2016.

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    Hi, I want to configure a setup but seems like it is quite tough to archive,

    I have 2 htpc and a synology nas install with sql server. I would like to centralize the epg and channel, so I setup the sql on the nas and point my 2 htpc to the nas sql. So either one make configuration on channel or epg, another one will have the same update. In addition, both of them will still use their own dvb card to receive those channel. In future, more htpc will connect to the nas sql.

    But I just can't archive what I want ... Any input ?

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  3. mm1352000
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    I don't think this setup can work.
    Normally it is recommended to choose one PC to install TV Server (either singleseat or dedicated TV server). That PC should have all the tuner cards. All other PCs will connect to that PC to receive TV. Configuration changes for channels, EPG etc. are only made on the PC on which TV Server is installed.
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    Gerally complete centralization of all databases really could work very well, but there are two things:

    1.) You need very good knowledge about proffessional using MySQL regarding distributed transactions, synchronizing etc. Beside that you als need to be an experienced coder also, to be able to identify what special actions are needed and how to correctly taking them into account in order to prevent MePo from crash about what you try to do ;)

    2.) You need some more (but not much more) better like the usual home equipment to reliable do such things, optimally starting with an Windows Server (surely Linux would be cheaper, but MePo can not run on Linux and the setup turns exorbtant difficult on mixed LANs) acting as domain controller for accurat control of all the network ressources, reliable network equipment and a something better what is acting as database sever instead such crappy Synology-NASes. OnTop you also need to know how to correctly and effectively configure this all.

    Maybe some people in here which are deeper into MePo2 can tell if MePo2 is any kind of an better option to reach your goals.

    Or go with @mm1352000 's sugesstion and centralize the tuner cards, then you can try to centralize at least the metadata databases (Movies, TV-Shows) on that Synololo somehow.

    best regards ;)

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