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  • November 12, 2010
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    I'd like to upgrade my HTPC a bit by implementing an additional screen to the case:

    Richt now I have the following running:

    The Pc is connected to a TV and a VF310. When the Pc is turned on the Screen comes up and is then turned on (please watch the video for a better understanding)

    I've got a couple of questions:
    1.) Is it possible to use the VF310 and the Touchscreen at the same time?
    2.) The Touchscreen will be primarily be used to navigate the pc without the main TV/Screen running but this means that windows will be connected only to one screen at the time - does that mean the 2 screen plugin won't work? Or How could i get this to work fulltime no matter how many screens are connected?

    Thanks for all your help

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