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been running MP about 5 years, recently started using amproid pro 1.1 (well worth the 2.99). I have it working quite nicely in a multiseat setup. for info: mpextended service on client and server, mpextended webmediaportal + iis express on server, wifiremote on client. my ampdroid clients are a google nexus 7 and a samsung galaxy S3.
in config of ampdroid on androids - wifi remote section points to my client, the other sections point to my server. Used mpextended QRscan on server for quickest setup, then manually change the wifiremote section.

as this is my first post on this I have a number of questions / requests, apologies for the length of post..

on these large screen android devices, please can you have a revamped version of the wifiremote remote control screen , that includes all the main buttons that you have on a physical remote (play, pause , record, change channel, guide etc) ? There is plenty of room for additional buttons in the screen on these devices.

when hitting the "..." top right icon in ampdroid/wifi remote control screen, having gone into tv/guide, it just hangs with "load items" - I was expecting it to load the guide/epg into the wifiremote screen, is this right? also it would be nicer if the icons to switch between "..." mode and "controls" mode were more intuitive. If I could jump easily between EPG and tv remote control, in one or two screens on the tablet, this would make ampdroid THE killer app and effectively replaces my expensive hardware remote control. as it is its a bit counterintuitive (not convinced it will pass WAF yet) - there is a button to go from tvservice->EPG to wifiremote, but not to get back... The EPG is nice in ampdroid if I am not in remote mode - just need to be able to seamlessly switch between the modes, or integrate them nicely.

when tv is playing, pulling up the controls for the programme from the bottom - skip buttons don't seem to work - but the pause does.

Play on PC:
from within the recordings listing: Play on PC icon doesn't work. but if I press and hold on the programme, then hit the icon at the top that looks like the monitor, then it plays on the PC fine. The reverse seems to be true in EPG view - only the play on PC icon works. Please can you fix the play on PC behaviour?

are there some sorting options in the recording listing rather than just all in a long list (did I miss something?) Is there any way to see the programme descriptions in the listing view? any way to manage recordings (delete old ones) from ampdroid app? Also when is the bugfix for the stream recording expected to release?

when selecting a programme in the epg or channel view, please can you have "advanced record" (all times on this channel) button as well as just record?

says plugin not available on server? which is true because my server doesn't run tv series , but my client does. what config should I have? do I have to run tvseries plugin on the server also? or should I point the media part of ampdroid config at the client instead. the media is physically on the server, but tvservies plugin only runs on my client (no need on the server, MPclient doesn't run there).

streaming ffmpegHD profile:
works on the nexus, doesn't work on the samsung. they both have the grunt, is there some additional s/w needed for HD profile to work?

app crashes:
I had a number of app crashes whilst loading program details in epg, its quite slow to load (10 sec or more) and sometimes dies. not sure how to get debug off android, I hit the "submit report" button.



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    streaming ffmpegHD profile:

    works on the nexus, doesn't work on the samsung. they both have the grunt, is there some additional s/w needed for HD profile to work?

    Try using an external player. I've gotten great results with VLC.

    Also, your other comments and suggestions are solid. Hopefully they'll make it into aMPdroid eventually.

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