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April 21, 2010
Hi guys, i have never used the music module in media portal but having gotten a new surround sound system, i do want to start listening to some DTS music

to date i have only used the videos module

So i added a music folder in configuration

When i select the music module in mediaportal it just flashes, doesn't open anything then goes back to the same main menu

I am just using Defaultwide skin on mediaportal 1.9.0

What do i need to do to get the music module up and running ?

and when i do, can i play DTS Wav files with proper DTS output ?

thanks ![DOUBLEPOST=1418311641][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry guys, i had the music plugin disabled ! fixed that

But yeah when i try play DTS Wav files, just getting a heap of hissing. These files can be played with powerdvd and vlc BUT they are not outputing DTS to my receiver, just playing 2.0

Any suggestions ?
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