Music/Movies is listed but wont let me select it! - Shares and database view.


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March 27, 2013
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I have a problem in my client side of mediaportal - i run two servers in my loft, one dedicated to the tuner cards and the other has the media files on it.

I prefer to view my music by shares view (i have it organised perfectly - some of my albums are demo albums i have been given over the years and in database view it organises them oddly) [but this problem does occur in database views]...

All of my albums are listed in alphabetical order in Music and they are all listed, but there are particular albums that as I scroll down through the list MP will pause for 10seconds then jump back half way up again.. if I try to scroll upwards and get to the same albums it will then do the same...

I have noticed this occurs in Moving Pictures and also in Online Videos.. but not all the time in these two - in Online Videos it basically crashes the plugin and jumps to Home.

With the music - I noticed this has happened much worse since I upgrade to a different server and copied my music collection across.... but I can verify that if I open the folder in windows explorer I can see the albums/folders and can open them and then play the tracks inside the folders using WMP.

I will get logs off my client pc's and see what is going on..

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