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June 17, 2011
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I have got the albums and compilations working fine and looking great, however single tracks are a headache lol.

Im ripping to .flac and leaving the album tag blank and tried leaving the album artists both blank and filled but im having issues. I have put a folder in an artists folder called singles and created a folder.jpg of a cd.
the problems starts when i try to select the track in the album artists view, what happens is they display where i want them too and play fine but.. the embedded picture does not display to the left hand side, ie a cover of the single cd that it came from even though ive embedded it like i have all my albums which show up fine. If i go to now playing it will either show me a picture of the overall artist for that track or the folder.jpg where the track resides and not the embedded picture!

any thoughts please?

using mepo 1.3 beta and the titan skin. will provide any pics etc if required.

folder structure is -
music tagged\Mariah Carey\butterfly\1 - 01 Mariah Carey - Honey.flac
music tagged\Mariah Carey\Singles\Mariah Carey - Anytime You Need a Friend (LP version).flac

also tried the singles labeled -
music tagged\Mariah Carey\Singles\0 - 01 Mariah Carey - Anytime You Need a Friend (LP version).flac

also doing the same with mp3 files
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