Music slow to respond since location move to freenas (1 Viewer)

Bradley Dyke

Portal Member
November 25, 2007
Hi All,

Recently moved all 4 hdd to new freenas box and the My Music functionality is now very slow to open and back to main or previous screen from now playing is also very slow, by slow approx 1 minute pause before screens load.

Using latest MePo 1.1 and Streamed Mp
All other options load quickly (i.e TV Series and Movies) and disc access using explorer fast as expected. Music is on a single drive with each album/artist in a seperate folder. Approx 4,000 songs so not so huge.

Deleted music db and redid but no improvement. everything plays fine once loaded including playlists. scrolling function normal once main screen finally loads.

I can post logs but not sure what logs you might need. Question is what is the starting point to fault find this?

cheers in advance.

Bradley Dyke

Portal Member
November 25, 2007
Thanks all,
changed to database view and works faster as suggested.

Interestingly i couldn't change views using Streamed Mp, pressing the button does nothing. Changed to Blue Wide and functionality worked, switched back to Streamed Mp and retained new view but button still locked / unusable. Obviously skin related but cant figure out where to fix? should I start a new thread in Streamed section? cheers again.

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