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    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is safe & well, in these trying times.
    As I live in a city that has been incarcerated for rmonths, thought I would try & get to the root of an issue that has been plaguing my system for ages. Just never did anything about it, as I haven't been using MP, for music playback; for a while. Time to sort.

    Everytime I attempt to fast scroll through my music library, using coverflow, as my preferred view, it crashes, & restarts. Thought it was probabbly an issue with a corrupted artist thumb, as I recollected the problem began around the same time, as I added new ones. ain't. I began by deleting all artist thumbs, & ran MP. It scrolled OK; no thumbs, obviously. Then I began adding thumbs, by alphabetical order. The issue would resume, when enough thumbs were added; & it didn't matter if I skipped some letters -eg. A-G; H-L: or A-G; R-W, etc.

    Around now, the logic centres, of my brain kicked in, & I became systematic, in my approach:
    -the issue occurs in every skin
    -the issue is ONLY relevant in Coverflow. Other views, like Filmstrip, List, etc. are fine.

    Got me beat!

    Have included latest logs, in debug mode, from Watchdog. after the crash.

    Any ideas anyone. Thanks in advance.


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    in some of the previous logs:
    [2021-10-20 19:19:48,879] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [INFO ] - Main: GPU_HUNG - Error in the application.
    -2005530508 (Unknown)
       at Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Device.PresentInternal(tagRECT* sourceRectangle, tagRECT* destRectangle, IntPtr overrideWindow)
       at Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Device.Present()
       at MediaPortalApp.Render(Single timePassed)
    what triggers this is not (yet) clear to me. I suspect it's going to take some back and forth with debugversions with extra logging to sort this...

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