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  • January 13, 2005
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    MP Version: RC 0.2.01
    Skin:blue two
    Windows Version: xp sp2
    CPU Type: amd 2400
    Memory: 512
    Motherboard Chipset: asus
    Video Card: radeon 9600
    Video Card Driver: ati2dvag.dll, v.
    Video Render Type: VMR9
    Video Codec Type & Version: dscaler,
    Audio Codec Type & Version: dscaler,
    TV Card: hauppauge pvr 350
    TV Card Type: hardware
    TV Card Driver:

    i would really like to use my new gforce platinum edition in MP for fullscreen visualisation, but all i get is a black screen. I can use other visualisations from Mediaplayer 10, which i use for playback, but gforce only gives me a black screen....
    btw in Mediaplayer 10 gforce works like a charm.....

    this is frustrating, as this visualisation is in my eyes even better than milkdrop or geiss....

    has anybody got this to work???

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